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E35: For Those Moments When You Feel Confused, Split between two Desires and Frustrated

In this episode, Sarah and Jacob discuss the ins and outs of internal conflict. Find out what typical internal conflicts look like and healthy ways to address them. Is your internal conflict about opposing needs or trying to be your true self? And is your internal conflict rooted in shame or past trauma? Jacob stresses about getting errands done, finding time for his self-care and spending quality time with his wife. Sarah and Jacob break down Jacob's internal dialogue and uncover what he really needs to find resolution. Please leave us a review if you like this episode!

Here is a link to the "Round Table" tool Sarah demonstrated in this episode:

Healthy inner conflict is when we are mindful of our many different perspectives and we lean into the most healthy option. Here are some of the perspectives you might be bringing to your inner conflict: fear, self-doubt, shame, anger, joy, freedom, rationality, conditional thinking (which is, if this is true, then this is also true. Or if this is true, then this is not true). Pain, sadness, ambition, pressure, trust, protection, agency, compassion, surrender, self-doubt and confusion. These are all examples of mental states, emotions, and perspectives that might be present during your conflict. A wonderful journal activity is to write about who is showing up, starting with this list above. A healthy inner conflict is when perspectives such as compassion, trust and agency are present and have a say.

Learn more strategies for handling internal conflict in our latest podcast episode, “For Those Moments When You Feel Confused, Split between two Desires and Frustrated”. The Aware Mind.

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