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This Retreat is Not Recorded: There will not be a recording available for anyone not participating live.


Mindfulness Instruction

TSD Mindfulness expert and founder, Sarah Vallely, will lead three instruction sessions during this retreat. You will personally gain from leaning into the powerful experiential activities and insightful lectures. This retreat is open to the public and is also a requirement for those participating in any TSD Mindfulness certification program.


Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Enjoy two 30-minute led meditation sessions. Sarah Vallely will lead you into mindfulness meditations using the practices outlined by TSD Mindfulness. Additionally, there will be a break, during which you can meditate if you choose to. Practices include mindfulness of sound, physical sensations, and breath. And mindfulness of sensations within the gut area and heart center. The practice entails taming the mind, soothing the gut and dwelling in the heart.

One-Day Online Retreat