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TSD Mindfulness is a virtual meditation center for individuals to learn mindfulness and for professionals to become certified. TSD is a practice of Taming our minds, Soothing our guts, and Dwelling in our hearts. Students from all over the world attend our online classes and in-person trainings.

Studies show resilience is one of the most effective ways to overcome life's challenges. Further research shows high resilience correlates with strong mindfulness. TSD Mindfulness supports us to reduce stress, move through grief, navigate through crisis and heal from trauma. TSD Mindfulness offers concrete teachings in resilience, acceptance, self-compassion, and being present.

TSD Mindfulness Virtual Meditation Center is based in North Carolina, US.
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Mindfulness Group

Join us online for instruction and guided meditation, the third Saturday of each month.

7:00 AM Los Angeles time/10 AM New York time/3 PM London time

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Certification Programs

Become a mindfulness-based practitioner. Programs include Mindfulness Teacher, Mindfulness Counselor, Mindfulness Coach, Mindfulness Healer and Mindfulness Minister.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Gain from private coaching for stress, confusion, grief, attention and more. Reach out and find out why mindfulness coaching works

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Mindfulness Retreats

Immerse yourself in a supportive community and experience mindfulness transform your mindset. Retreats are offered online every six months.

Schedule a Zoom with the founder to learn more about our TSD programs. Attend and receive eBook Tame Soothe Dwell for free.
Join us for our online monthly mindfulness meditation group.
Enroll in a Certification Program this month.
Enjoy a Online One-Day Mindfulness Retreat
Learn and meditate with others across the globe.
Schedule a Free Consultation to learn how private coaching can change your life in only four sessions.
Listen to our Podcast, The Aware Mind. Learn mindfulness teachings, strategies and science.
Sarah Vallely Mindfulness Coach

Sarah Vallely, lead instructor/coach and founder of TSD Mindfulness meditation center has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for 20 years in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Asheville, NC & online. Students from across the globe travel to attend her workshops and retreats and participate online. Sarah Vallely has written four books, including Sensational Meditation for Children, and Tame-Soothe-Dwell. She has been certifying others to teach meditation and mindfulness since 2001. Her teaching style and content is highly acclaimed by yoga instructors, therapists, and healing practitioners. 

"Every aspect of TSD makes so much sense and working and focusing on the three fields is a new approach that works for me. I find myself realizing what is happening in my experience better than before."

Cathy Wood

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