I'm Sarah Vallely, founder of TSD Mindfulness, a virtual meditation center. I have been facilitating trainings to a global audience and certifying teachers since 2001.

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Certified Mindfulness Coach

Be a catalyst for change. See your clients transform the way they live their lives. Learn how to evaluate your clients unique stress type and get to work during private coaching sessions. Learn how to facilitate 60 mindfulness tools and exercises.

Your clients will practice short mindfulness exercises on their own and reinvent the way they interact with stress. You will also change the way your clients relate to their own thinking, emotions and the present moment.

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Certified Mindfulness Counselor

Licensed counselors, therapists, psychologists and those studying to become mental health professionals are eligible for our Certified Mindfulness Counselor program. You will learn to analyze data from a reliable stress inventory, be trained to use 60 mindfulness tools and exercises designed for specific stress types. You will be trained to support clients with attention challenges, and be prepared to teach mindfulness-based emotional awareness practices.

Transform your therapy practice with effective and robust mindfulness exercises and transformative psycho-emotional education. Your clinical practice during certification will include stress analysis, teaching mindfulness protocols and evaluating protocol effectiveness with at least six clients.


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Certified Mindfulness Healer

Reiki Masters, LifeForce practitioners, Healing Touch massage therapists, Chakra Healers and other energetic healing practitioners are eligible for our Certified Mindfulness Healer program.  You will be trained to perceive a psycho-emotional-spiritual system consisting of the head, heart and gut. You will learn how to balance this system and how to be a channel for atonement.

Your clients will experience clarity in thought, emotional awareness, physical stability, and spiritual fulfillment.

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Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Yoga instructors, meditation teachers, and anyone interested in pursuing a career as a mindfulness teacher is eligible for our Certified Mindfulness Teacher program. You will be prepared to lead groups of mediators to raise the quality of their life with mindfulness.


You will learn traditional mindfulness methods, such as paying attention to breath, sound, and physical sensations. You will also be trained in emotional awareness, self-compassion and spiritual insight. Your students will be empowered to accept what is, what is not, and find comfort in uncertainty and letting go of outcomes.

Certified Mindfulness Minister

Spiritual leaders of all faiths are eligible for our Certified Mindfulness Minister program. You will be trained to lead small and large congregations to lean into spiritual awareness more deeply and foster greater connection with spirit through contemplative practice and mindfulness.

You will be prepared to lead teachings in emotional awareness, inner focus, ending cycles of shame, and healing relationships. You will also be prepared to lead your members in mindfulness-based prayer.

Your ministry practice during your certification will include incorporating mindfulness in classes, counseling sessions and sermons.

Training lasts six months. Participate in six classroom online sessions, one online retreat, and 12 private coaching sessions.

Pay $199 USD per month for six months. Cancel anytime.

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Mindfulness Classes for Individuals
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You will become an expert in ancient, yet still relevant, mindfulness practices. Learn a practice that that goes beyond traditional teachings, bringing you into a deeper awareness of your human experience.

Become skilled in strengthening three areas of resilience: comfort with what is, comfort with change in status quo, and comfort with the uncertainty of not knowing if what is will change or remain the same. You will learn how to identify your personal stress types and how to address them with mindfulness.

You will become an expert in numerous tools and exercises to relieve stress. You will learn which protocols match best with which stress types. You will learn how to rely on spiritual energy to reduce stress and heal from trauma.

Training lasts three months and is offered online.  It is recommended (but not required) to also participate in 1-to-1 Mindfulness Coaching. Coaching discounted at half rate for students.

Participate in six classroom online sessions and one online retreat for $49 USD per month.  Cancel anytime.

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