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Mindfulness Coaching Explained

Mindfulness coaching is required if you are participating in a TSD Mindfulness certification program. Mindful coaching deepens your personal practice and gives you a higher level of professional expertise when you begin working with your own students and clients. Our coaching curriculum differs from our course curriculum; therefore, you will be exposed to concepts, exercises and tools not covered in class.

Mindfulness coaching is also valuable for anyone wishing to live a more mindful lifestyle, enjoy emotional stability, improve concentration, heal from trauma or cultivate more joy.


During your first session, you will complete a comprehensive stress inventory to determine your personal stress-type. Then your mindfulness life coach will give you a thorough instruction on how to use proven-effective tools designed for your stress-type, and personal guidance on next steps to help you immediately increase your resilience and level of mindfulness. Clients report they experience more clarity related to career and relationships, increased emotional awareness, better focused attention, and more motivation to focus on wellness and recreational activities. Read Case Studies


Live in the moment.

Is Mindful Coaching for you?

Achieve your dreams with 1-to-1 sessions with a highly qualified mindfulness coach. Mindful coaching is for you if you wish to...

  • Live a mindful lifestyle

  • Heal from grief, loss and loneliness

  • Permanently reduce anxiety (including Generalized Anxiety Disorder and OCD) or states of overwhelm

  • Improve concentration or limit ADHD symptoms

  • Create more time for yourself

  • Gain clarity about your present circumstances

  • Improve your relationships

  • Lift yourself out of a midlife funk or defeat depression

  • Manage crisis or heal from trauma (including PTSD)

  • Improve your sitting meditation practice

  • Overcome addiction or feelings of loss of control


Read Case Studies

Working with a Mindfulness Coach is an Investment in You

Coaching fees are included in all certification monthly fees. If you are in an individual course program, coaching fees are reduced. Those enrolled in an individual program can click bellow to pay $99 USD per month and receive two coaching sessions per month. If you are not enrolled in a TSD Program, you will pay Instead of paying $160 per month to receive two coaching sessions per month. Your monthly investment includes unlimited email support between sessions.

Read Case Studies

Improve your Mindfulness Expertise and Grow your Mindfulness Business

TSD Mindfulness is not only a meditation center, we are a community of like-minded individuals supporting one another to grow our mindfulness business. You can find success with mindfulness expertise, business clarity and internet viability.

Mindfulness Life Coach

Sarah Vallely, Lead TSD Mindfulness Coach, provides power sessions to those interested in leading a more mindful lifestyle. Permanently reduce your stress and stimulate the personal, career, or relationship breakthrough you are striving for.  Email us to connect with Sarah.

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Business Success Coach

Damon Dickinson, The Heart of Success Coach, is a highly effective life coach who can transform your hopes and dreams into a thriving business. Gain the clarity you need to run your robust mindfulness or healing business. Email us to connect with Damon.

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Internet Marketing Coach

Jeremy Ashburn, SEO and internet marketing expert, is a highly experienced digital marketing guru who can show you what Google looks for in your website to place your business at the top of searches, among other game changing actions you can take to become more visible on the internet. Email us to connect with Jeremy.