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Mindfulness Coaching & Counseling Case Studies

Case Study #1


The client is a 70-year-old female and retired. She lost her husband two years prior and felt excluded by her extended family. She also relocated from out of state and felt isolated. Her daughter suffers from substance abuse and had recently been put into jail. The client had been out of contact with her for two years, which was causing anxiety and grief. The client also felt unappreciated by some of her other children, which caused her to be distraught and disappointed.

Results after 4 Sessions

Distraction decreased by 70%

Confusion decreased by 62%

Doubt decreased by 43%

Stress decreased by 40%

Feelings of inferiority decreased by 61%

Emotional numbness decreased by 58%

Grief decreased by 58%

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Case Study #2


Client is a 36-year-old female and a professional coach. The client is extremely creative and driven, juggling her business, a marriage and raising three young children. She is feeling overwhelmed by her various responsibilities and yearns for more time for self-care and restoration. The client is also experiencing grief related to losing her brother eighteen months prior.

Results after 4 sessions

Distraction decreased by 62%

Stress decreased by 65%

Shame decreased by 41%

Feelings of being provoked decreased by 47%

Confusion decreased by 47%

Overwhelm decreased by 57%

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Case Study #3


Client is male, 67 years old, retired, and participated in ten coaching sessions.  The client experienced a difficult breakup with a girlfriend that left him feeling extreme levels of grief and loneliness. The client’s overactive analytical mind led him to spend much time in rumination and self-devaluing.  The client was mentally drained, emotionally raw and was experiencing fight/flight/freeze responses on a daily basis.  At times his anxiety levels reached the status of crisis.

Results after 10 Sessions

Shame decreased by 49%

Feeling at risk decreased by 52%

Uneasiness decreased by 53%

Concern decreased by 44%

Overwhelm decreased by 57%

Helplessness decreased by 61%

Disappointment decreased by 47%

Guilt decreased by 55%


Case Study #4


Client is a 48-year-old female and clinical therapist. The client is experiencing high stress due to operating her own business. Additionally, being a woman of color, she is experiencing high anxiety due to national racial issues. Other stressors she is managing include migraines, past trauma, personal relationships and grieving her mother who passed one year prior.

Results after 6 Sessions

Distraction decreased by 44%

Stress decreased by 41%

Anger decreased by 53%

Shame decreased by 34%

Anxiety decreased by 37%

Grief decreased by 27%

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