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Teaching Objectivs
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(Program Content) Mindfulness Teacher Certification
Teacher Program Content

During your mindfulness meditation teacher certification program, you will be trained to deepen your practice and teach TSD Mindfulness to your students. TSD Mindfulness involves, Taming the mind, Soothing the gut, Dwelling in the heart and Integration with source energy.


Teachers who graduate from our program report their students are more focused, energetic, comfortable with their emotions and better empowered to face their individual struggles. Our mindfulness teachers say they are confident and prepared to teach after only four months of study in our program. During the fifth month of your training, you will begin preparing lessons for your own classes.

Mindfulness Teacher Certification Content


To support Taming the Mind, students learn:


  • Mindfulness of physical sensations

  • Mindfulness of sounds in the environment

  • Mindfulness of breath sensations

  • Mindfulness of emotions, such as anger and resentment

  • Mindfulness of thought sequences

  • Concentration exercises


To support Soothing the Gut (fight or flight) students will learn:


  • Mindfulness of physical sensations in the gut area

  • Mindfulness of thoughts of concern triggered by fight or flight    

  • Mindfulness of desire to preserve status quo

  • Mindfulness of avoidance of emotions

  • Exercises for soothing the nervous system


To support Dwelling in the Heart, students will learn:


  • Mindfulness of physical sensations in the heart area

  • Mindfulness of emotions, such as abandonment and betrayal

  • Mindfulness of desire for certainty

  • Exercises for self-compassion

  • Exercises for embracing uncertainty


I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since taking the TSD Mindfulness online course. It’s amazing to me is that I can handle my big emotions and negative thoughts in a much more appropriate way, resulting in less stress. And I also now have a practice for looking deeper into those emotions and thoughts to see what is at their root. Holly Holfeltz, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher, California



The TSD Mindfulness classes are a great way of discovering yourself & healing your heart! TSD Mindfulness has improved my focus and quietened my mind, helping me to better concentrate. In moments of concerns and worries, the technique gives me ease when I am triggered and supports me to be comfortable with "what is". TSD Mindfulness encourages me to surrender more quickly and to build my trust so I can open and go deeper to explore my heart consciously. Mirka Pesek, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher Candidate, Australia



TSD Mindfulness has definitely helped me become more resilient, more in tune with my irrational fears and my need for everything to be planned. I've learned that by embracing uncertainty I am more able to live in the moment and to truly enjoy the process and the beauty of what the outcome can actually be. Lisa Codina, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Canada

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Teacher Testimoials
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Course Syllabus

This is a combined syllabus for all programs, since many students work towards two certifications.

Classes 1 – 2

  • Mindfulness of thoughts

  • Mindfulness of emotions

  • Mindfulness of distraction

  • Improving resilience with mindfulness

  • Introduction to the mental, gut and heart centers.

  • Tips for teaching students with attention challenges


  • At home practice: minimum of 90 minutes of practice per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 1 – 14 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

Classes 3 - 4


  • Mindfulness techniques to tame your mind

  • Mindfulness techniques to soothe your gut

  • Mindfulness techniques to settle attention within your heart

  • Mindfulness techniques for breaking cycles of distorted emotions (ie. shame, resentment)

  • Mindfulness techniques for improving relationships, including relationships with addictive substances

  • Counseling, coaching and teaching instruction


  • At home practice: minimum of 90 minutes of practice per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 15 - 26 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

  • Clinical practice for counselors and coaches; prepare for student teaching for teachers.


Classes 5 - 6


  • Mindfulness techniques for integrating conscious with divine

  • Mindfulness techniques for healing

  • Mindfulness techniques for deeper emotional awareness

  • Mindfulness techniques for deeper spiritual awareness


  • At home practice: minimum 120 minutes per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 27 - 55 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

  • Healer and minister instruction.

  • Student teaching and healer and minister clinical practice.

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