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E37: Mindfulness Vs Mindset: What We Need to Know About Both to Execute Ideas and Avoid Burnout

In this episode, Sarah explains that any idea begins in the mind and then is executed. If this is true, then mindfulness of the workings of your mind and your preset mindsets are key to effectively executing any idea. Sarah and Jacob discuss mindful leadership and how this practice can be used by anyone from a business owner, executive, stay-at-home parent, or employee. Research shows mindful leadership training and coaching supports three major categories: (a) decrease in stress and overcoming burnout, (2) better organization and focus, and (3) improved relationships and how you are perceived by others. Listen and find out how study participants are gaining these benefits with mindful leadership skills.

Become a Mindful Leadership Coach

If your mindset is the beliefs you bring to a situation, how does your mindfulness compare to your mindset?

Mindful leadership experts say the key to successful leadership is having a combination of right mindset and mindfulness.

What do I bring to a situation that arises? “If I am patient, it will turn out better,” or sometimes I bring, “I'm not good enough.” Or I bring “If I get out of my head, I will feel better.” Another belief that I bring to a lot of situations is “Where there is a will, there's a way.” I'm very determined person but I also have this mindset that I'm learning to be better at, which is “Surrender is sometimes the only way.”

What mindfulness do I bring to a situation? Well, one thing that I do a lot is I catch myself putting myself down in my head. I do have these beliefs that come through that “I'm not good enough.” But then I will use my mindfulness to catch that and hopefully follow it up with some self-compassion. And I might say, “I'm hearing this, I'm listening to this. But that doesn't mean I need to believe it.” It just can be a phenomenon that's just in my head right now.

Another piece of mindfulness I bring to a situation is I pay attention to my physical sensations, especially if I'm feeling a difficult emotion. And another thing I do is I notice if I need validation, I notice do I need to say to myself, “This is difficult. It's okay to view this as difficult.” This gives me a little slack and a break.

Learn more about becoming a certified TSD Mindfulness Coach.

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