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E42: More True Stories of Overcoming Stress, Overwhelm and Negative-Self Talk In Spite of this Crazy

In this episode, Sarah and her guest, Emelda De Coteau, discuss the ways mindfulness can reduce overwhelm, feelings of shame and disconnection. They talk about the importance of taking a pause instead of simply pushing through every single moment. What are we missing when we do not acknowledge our difficulty and simply power through instead?

We are missing a lot. We are missing the opportunity to give ourselves compassion, think kindly of ourselves, take a few deep breaths, or stop what we are doing and listen to the birds chirp or the soothing repetitive sound of our HVAC system. You’d be surprised what subtle elements of our environment can bring about a state of calmness. Not to mention tuning into your body simply to witness breath and sensations. Simple moments like these are greatly improving the mental health of Emelda’s clients.

Emelda shares true stories of three of her mindfulness clients and how she used the tools and exercises of TSD Mindfulness to guide them to calm and peace in spite of their various life challenges. Follow Emelda De Coteau on Instagram: Listen to Emelda's podcast "Pray With Our Feet":

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