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All our certification programs include 6 online classes, 12 private coaching sessions, and 1 online mindfulness retreat. You will be charged $199 USD per month for six months. Your monthly payments will also include your certification fees. No other payments are needed to complete the program, aside from the book "Tame Soothe Dwell" for $7.99 USD.



I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since taking the TSD Mindfulness online course. It’s amazing to me is that I can handle my big emotions and negative thoughts in a much more appropriate way, resulting in less stress. And I also now have a practice for looking deeper into those emotions and thoughts to see what is at their root. Holly Holfeltz, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher, California


The TSD Mindfulness classes are a great way of discovering yourself & healing your heart! TSD Mindfulness has improved my focus and quietened my mind, helping me to better concentrate. In moments of concerns and worries, the technique gives me ease when I am triggered and supports me to be comfortable with "what is". TSD Mindfulness encourages me to surrender more quickly and to build my trust so I can open and go deeper to explore my heart consciously. Mirka Pesek, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher Candidate, Australia


TSD Mindfulness has definitely helped me become more resilient, more in tune with my irrational fears and my need for everything to be planned. I've learned that by embracing uncertainty I am more able to live in the moment and to truly enjoy the process and the beauty of what the outcome can actually be. Lisa Codina, TSD Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Canada

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$199.00every month for 6 months