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Monthly TSD Mindfulness Meditation Group

Do you meet online or in person?

We meet online using Zoom.


How much does it cost to participate?

There is no required fee to participate and an option to make a $10 USD payment.

Do I need to already know how to meditate to participate?

No, any level of meditation experience is appropriate to join.

Is TSD mindfulness different than other mindfulness practices?

TSD mindfulness includes traditional mindfulness practices, such as single pointed focus and open awareness. Other practices taught are noting thinking, radical acceptance, self-compassion and techniques for soothing your nervous system. It is our belief that when our minds are distracted and our nervous systems are triggered it is difficult to move our consciousness into our hearts. With this practice, you will learn how to Tame your mind and Soothe your gut ,so you can Dwell in your heart. Feel free to read our Google Reviews.


Register for Monthly Meditation

Schedule of Group Meetings

2023 our meetings are on Saturdays at 7 AM Los Angeles time/10 AM New York time/3:00 PM London Time.

Next Meeting
Saturday October 21: Experiencing emotions in a healthy way during meditation is not a topic you hear much about. However, it is extremely important because it is often our emotions that distract us from practicing the way we think we should be practicing. You might have emotions percolating on a deep level that you are not aware of. Learn how to lean into this experience during meditation so you can heal and move into stillness.
Past Meetings

Saturday September 16: Fostering our self-worth is something each one of us can work on. Join us and learn what exactly self-worth means and how certain mindfulness techniques can improve your sense of worthiness. Also learn the subtle practice of "open awareness" which is important for anyone interested in practicing mindfulness meditation. Handouts: Mindfulness Worthiness Exercise, Single Pointed Focus, and Open Awareness.

Saturday August 19: How much time do you spend replaying conversations, events, or even the distant past? Learn how mindfulness can help you become more conscious of this thinking pattern and use your values and expectations to stop the replay, giving you more time and energy to play in present time.  Handouts: Curiosity in the Mental Field, The Practice of Noting, Qualities of Attention and Rumination vs Processing Inventory

Saturday July 15: Paying attention to what our mind, body and spirit needs is challenging when we are busy, distracted or in survival mode. Learn how mindfulness can give us space and time to sit with who we really are. Handouts: Emotional Clusters, 8-minute Self-compassion Exercises, 9-minute Acceptance Exercises.


Saturday June 17: Our nervous systems get triggered when we sense an upcoming change, even if is is simply a change to our emotional state. Learn how to become mindful of and comfortable with upcoming changes in our lives. Handouts: Curiosity in the Gut Field and Three Minute Gut Soothing Exercises.

Saturday May 20: We often desire to tweak our moments and make changes in our lives. Learn how to be mindful of this desire and how to become more comfortable and accepting of what is already present in our lives. Handouts: Resilience Inventory and Curiosity in the Mental Field

Saturday April 22:  Introductory concepts about TSD mindfulness practice: Tame the mind, Soothe the gut, and Dwell in the Heart. We will use this handout: Mindfulness of the Temperamental Body:

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