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Individual Objectives
Mindfulness Classes for Beginners and Intermediates

If you are a beginner or intermediate level meditator, our online meditation training will give you the skills to strengthen your practice.

You will learn the practice of TSD Mindfulness, which is Taming the mind, Soothing the gut and Dwelling in the heart. Learn traditional mindfulness techniques, as well as methods for soothing your nervous system and self-compassion.

The curriculum includes the following:

Mindfulness of... 

  • physical sensations

  • sounds in your environment

  • breath sensations

  • emotions

  • thought patterns (rumination, worry, catastrophic thinking, etc.)

Practices for...

  • disengaging from your thoughts

  • increasing acceptance

  • developing concentration

  • soothing fight or flight responses

  • retraining your nervous system

  • supporting your own natural emotional healing

  • embracing uncertainty

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course online or in person?

All of our virtual meditation classes are offered online.


How will I participate in mindfulness classes online and how long are the classes?

Mindfulness classes online meet twice per month, for three months, depending on your program. We use Zoom. When logged in, you will be able to view your instructor and classmates. You will also be able to ask questions by speaking or type questions and comments in the chat. Classes are 90 minutes long.


What do I do if I miss an online class?

Our meditation training online classes are recorded, so you can view the class recording on our training platform for up to two months.


How much homework will I be responsible for?

If you are a not in a certification program, you are not responsible for any homework. Suggested homework is one hour per week of reading and writing. You are also invited to practice mindfulness meditation as described by your instructor for a minimum of 90 minutes per week.


How much do the meditation classes online cost?

Our mindfulness classes for beginners and intermediates is $49 per month for three months. Monthly payments can be cancelled at any time, however, any payments made before cancellation will not be refunded. If you are a certification candidate your monthly investment is $199 per month for six.


Monthly course investment includes:


  • Participation in 90-minute online classes, twice per month.

  • Continued digital instruction via discussion forums between classes.

  • Unlimited access to recorded classes.

  • Two 1-day online retreats.


Monthly 1-to-1 coaching is suggested for the individual program. Coaching is discounted by half for students. Instead of $198, you pay $99 per month for two sessions per month.


Monthly coaching investment includes:


  • Up to two private Mindfulness Coaching sessions per month with Sarah Vallely.

  • Additional training in curriculum not shared in course workshops and classes.

  • Personalized & focused guidance for your sitting mindfulness practice and daily mindfulness mindset.

  • Deeper skills and experience to strengthen your practice.


How long is the course?

The individuals program (non-certification) consists of 6 classes spread over 3 months.

Can I cancel my program or move to another cohort?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly auto-payment at any time. However, any payments made before cancellation will not be refunded. Any monthly payments you have made can be transferred to another cohort, therefore you will not pay more if it becomes necessary for you to switch cohorts.

Course Syllabus

This is a combined syllabus for all programs, since many students work towards two certifications.

Classes 1 - 2

  • Mindfulness of thoughts

  • Mindfulness of emotions

  • Mindfulness of distraction

  • Improving resilience with mindfulness

  • Introduction to the mental, gut and heart centers.

  • Tips for teaching students with attention challenges


  • At home practice: minimum of 90 minutes of practice per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 1 – 14 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

Classes 3 - 4


  • Mindfulness techniques to tame your mind

  • Mindfulness techniques to soothe your gut

  • Mindfulness techniques to settle attention within your heart

  • Mindfulness techniques for breaking cycles of distorted emotions (ie. shame, resentment)

  • Mindfulness techniques for improving relationships, including relationships with addictive substances

  • Counseling, coaching and teaching instruction


  • At home practice: minimum of 90 minutes of practice per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 15 - 26 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

  • Clinical practice for counselors and coaches; prepare for student teaching for teachers.


Classes 5 - 6


  • Mindfulness techniques for integrating conscious with divine

  • Mindfulness techniques for healing

  • Mindfulness techniques for deeper emotional awareness

  • Mindfulness techniques for deeper spiritual awareness


  • At home practice: minimum 120 minutes per week.

  • Homework: two reflections per month (written or video) and postings to digital forum.

  • Reading: chapters 27 - 55 in Tame Soothe Dwell by Sarah Vallely

  • Healer and minister instruction.

  • Student teaching and healer and minister clinical practice.

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